For most people, spreadsheets come off as intimidating and used by only a select few people to process complicated numbers and data. While spreadsheets can be used for that, they can also be used for a variety of everyday tasks.

Here at 101Spreadsheets.com we fully believe that there are limitless ways to use spreadsheets and that they hold an incredible amount of power just waiting to be unleashed!

You can use spreadsheets to:

  • Organize a field trip
  • Plan a budget
  • Create a guest list
  • Gather contact information
  • Calculate exercise statistics
  • Manage work/project requests
  • Create an invoice
  • Create a to-do list (one of my personal favs!)
  • and more!

We are positive that the more you learn about spreadsheets, the more you will want to learn! It is our mission to share years of professional spreadsheet experience with you in an easy to follow manner so that you may grow personally and professionally.

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